This is What Your Home Might Look Like Beyond 2020

Time definitely waits for no one. 

What was thought to be a distant and faraway era is now within sight. And we’re drifting ever closer to the fantastical future envisioned all those years ago. Of course, 2020 wasn’t entirely what most would have expected due to the sudden appearance of a global pandemic. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do a bit of a prediction for what 2021 and beyond holds for us. 

From the home-design front, there have been plenty of technological advancements that have been incorporated into our daily lives throughout the 2010s. Smart homes and devices have all but crept into our homes for our benefit. And the home of tomorrow is finally here today, though it might not be what you expected it to be.

Homes From the Year 2021 Onwards

In short, smart homes will be taking over from 2021 and beyond. Sheltered living space from the second decade of the millennia onwards will be equipped with tons of technology that will make living all the more comfortable. Furthermore, some of these pieces of tech we’ve already seen being frequently used in the modern homes of today.

Smart Devices Will Define The Smart Home Experience

Yes, smart devices can be seen in almost all basic home starter packs of late — with features like environmental control and surveillance being a necessity now, rather than a luxury.

Things like smart thermostats that can be controlled via your smartphones or automated lighting and curtains will help in enhancing our everyday lives at home. Moreover, chores will and can be handled by a fleet of advanced smart devices at your beck and call.

Robotic mowers, smart sprinklers, and modern robot vacuums lead the charge into doing chores in the homes of the future.

Efficient Surveillance & Smarter Security For Your Home

Monitoring and securing the homes of the future will also be much, much easier in the years to come.

Efficient surveillance will be a necessity in your home from 2021 onwards. Whether it’s the interior or exterior of your home, surveying and securing your home will be done via a remote terminal — in most cases, a smartphone app. Today’s cameras can already be operated via any one of your smart devices. And you may even stream a live feed of your home to your smartphones from anywhere in the world. 

Plus, the addition of futuristic security systems will allow you to monitor your compound remotely, have master control of your locks, cameras, and alarms — all from a nifty gadget the size of your palm.

Oh, and the fact that they’re customisable to fit your personal needs is just the icing on the cake.

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Author: Lucy Dixon