Popular AI Tools In Interior Design

With mighty advancements coming in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses are now clamouring to find the best AI-based solutions to power their brands into the future. And though interior design (ID) is considered to be more creative in practice (rather than technical), the potential for AI growth in the industry is still very much present.

Top AI-based Software For ID

That being said, AI-powered tools for use in ID is definitely already a thing in the scene. So if you’re looking for some examples of such, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here are some great picks for AI-based software for the ID industry:

  • Moodfit: This software relies on its built-in algorithm to match a customer’s specific taste and determine their ideal style. The process is rather straightforward — with a brief quiz. Moodfit then pairs the user with a like-mind and appropriate designer based on the answers given. Think of it as a non-romantic Tinder app for ID. 
  • Planner 5D: This app uses machine learning algorithms to analyze more than 40 million projects from real users to predict and optimize the thought process that goes behind each home design. The app is even capable of rendering entire homes by drawing on existing ideas, as well as building the virtual home from the foundation up.
  • Lexset: A perfect accompaniment to AI would definitely have to be virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR). And Lexset aims to be a tool which offers makeover services at the touch of a button using AI and AR. More particularly, the app uses a smartphone or tablet camera to identify existing furniture in a space. It then sifts through a vast catalogue of designs and furniture that can be embedded into that space to improve it.
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Author: Lucy Dixon