Leveraging AI for Sales & Marketing

Using modern tools and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to create an all-encompassing AI-based sales assistant, Saleswhale is a Singapore-based startup and is just what you need to advance your business to the next level.

Saleswhale — AI-based Solution for Your Marketing & Sales Needs

At its core, the startup is looking to make auto-responding bots a little more human as it offers an automated sales assistant that will help companies to follow up on inbound and stale leads, as well as engaging them in two-way conversations. Saleswhale will also quantify and qualify them before appropriately rerouting them to human sales representatives. In short, the key feature of the software is that it is able to be assigned with its own email address, while also being able to communicate like how a human would.

How does the AI work? Well, Saleswhale will try to qualify a potential prospect by asking a series of questions on its own. And based on the answers, it will then connect them to a human sales rep through a calendar invite that both sides may receive.

And unlike other automated response systems in the market, Saleswhale’s AI assistant may be programmed to incorporate a specific persona just like any other human customer representative may have.

Thus far, the featured AI assistant has been rather successful. In 2018 alone, it helped to generate close to USD60 million in sales pipelines from qualified leads. That’s certainly mighty impressive for a startup.

Their success hasn’t gone unnoticed either, as they received further funding from investors from their seed funding round. Saleswhale has been hard at work bulking up their then 5-person team to now encompass 28 employees, along with a portfolio of 145 clients across mid-market and Fortune 500 companies including Randstad and General Assembly.

As for future plans, Saleswhale aims to expand its teams in engineering, customer success, and sales and marketing. Plus, it is also looking to extend its range of services to meet the growing demands of global enterprise customers. As part of this plan, Saleswhale is looking to develop new features like salesforce integration and enterprise workflows.

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Author: Lucy Dixon