Highway Kings

Scour The Great Open Road On Mega888’S Highway Kings

Coming straight out of a premise of an open road movie, the 5-reel, 9-payline video slot Highway Kings offers a detour into entertainment highway (pun intended).

If you’re ready to hit the road and win some cash while you’re at it, Highway Kings is a great place (or rather, slot) to start as the highest potential earnings that you may get in the game is 10,000 credits. 

The great open road-themed online casino slot is most notable by its simple cartoony graphics which also entails a lack of playing card symbols. In this case, it is indeed a refreshing take to exclude the latter. Other than that, there are scatter and wilds to look out for, wherein scoring either will afford you the chance to massively multiply your earnings.

Ready to get behind the wheel and get on the road? Read on to find out more.

The Open Road In Mega888’s Highway Kings

At a glance, there’s quite the retro feel to Highway Kings — the graphics are vibrant, bright, and colourful. The in-game symbols are also simple and straightforward, but most importantly, they stick closely to the theme of the slot. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the symbols available in Highway Kings in the following section. 

Before we begin, all you have to know is that the trucks represent the main symbols in the game, though a combination of the other symbols is also equally lucrative. 

As far as wagers go, the coin or credit sizes range from 0.01 to 5 — meaning the maximum bet that you may make per spin is 45. Here, the theoretical RTP is set at a whopping 97.06% which makes Highway Kings one of the most rewarding slot games on Mega888.

Hitting The Highway On Mega888 With Style

In Highway Kings, there are 11 symbols that you should take note of — each representing a different pay value. The symbols in Highway Kings include steering wheels, tyres, bolts, a pair of dice, gas pumps, petrol cans, jump leads, and of course, the multi-coloured (red, green, yellow) trucks.

Of the lot, the iconic red truck is the most rewarding as it pays out two credits if you manage to land just one of it on the reels. Whereas, others would require you to line up specific combinations, depending on the type of symbol in question. Otherwise, some other higher-paying icons will also award payouts for just two matching combinations.

More specifically, both the steering wheel and tyre are the game’s lowest-valued symbols at a mere 10 credits awarded for four matching icons and 50 for five. But don’t let that get you down for on the opposite end of the spectrum you have the three different coloured truck symbols. 

At the lowest value, the green truck pays five for two matching symbols, 20 for three, 150 for four, and a massive 1,000 credits for a full lineup of green trucks. Even better is the yellow truck which offers five credits for a matching pair, 25 credits for three, 250 for four matching symbols, and a humongous 5,000 reward for five matching icons.

Last but not least is the red truck which pays out two credits for one symbol appearing, 10 for a pair of matching trucks, 50 for three, 500 for four, and an absolutely mammoth reward of 10,000 credits (Highway Kings largest payout) for scoring all five matching red trucks. 

But being the most rewarding icon in the game isn’t the only role the red truck plays. On the contrary, the red truck also acts as the wild symbol for Highway Kings. It may also be used to substitute any symbol that you may need to form paylines. Better yet, the presence of the wild will effectively double any win in a combo that it forms. 

Finally, we’ve come to the exhaust pipe with the word “Scatter” written on it. As you would have surmised, the exhaust pipe is the game’s scatter symbol. If you land two to five of these pipes, you win. Simple as that. 

Mega888’s Exclusive Highway Kings Isn’t Just A One-Trick-Pony

Apart from the slots themselves, Highway Kings also features a lotto-type progressive side game where you may earn big rewards. Simply pick five numbers out of a lot of 49, and wait for the numbers to be drawn once the game starts. The more numbers you match, the more you win. And if you’re fortunate enough to hit all five numbers, the jackpot is yours!

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Author: Lucy Dixon