Add A Layer of Metallic Sheen To Your Interior Decor

All-time favourites like wood, stone, glass, processed and natural materials have made their rounds in the limelight in the renovation world over the years.  However, one, singular material has gained an occult following for its durability and practicality. And that material is… METAL!

Metallic Elements In Your Home — Giving Your Home A Contemporary And Modern Facelift

The metallic element is constantly a mainstay in any modern home — just take a look around and you’ll see. And it’s definitely fairly easy to achieve the smooth, metallic look. Best of all, metal furnishing is very functional.

There are few places in a home that doesn’t revel in the beauty and smoothness that metal provides — aluminium kitchen cabinets and metallic furniture come to mind. And while wooden furniture will always remain a popular option, here are more than enough reasons to consider adding a pinch of metallic elements to your home. 

  • Metal Will Never Really Go Out of Style: Similar to how wood is considered a timeless material, metal and steel are likewise held with the same acclaim. Metal is everlasting, fairly easy to maintain, and it can keep up its aesthetics for a long time. Plus, metal, like any other man-made material, is highly customisable — from design to colours to shape and size.
  • Metal is Highly Durable: Metal is a very hardy material and it is due to this property that allows it to be used and adapted in virtually any environment — from the most extreme use to hot or cold climates to dry or humid environments. 
  • Maintenance And Care of Metal are Easy: Cleaning metal furniture is also an easy affair as you won’t need that much care. Simply use a damp cloth and wipe your metallic surfaces and you’re done! But if you’re looking for a cleaning agent, then milder liquids like lemon oil is a perfect choice. Also, because of how easy it is to maintain, metal furniture meshes particularly well with the busy lifestyle of working professionals.
  • Pest Resistant: Unlike wood furniture that is susceptible to pest infestations (termites are the bane of wooden furniture), metal surfaces don’t have this problem due to its non-porous and waterproof nature. Peace of mind aside, metal will also save you money in the long run as you won’t have to fork out a fortune to constantly get rid of pests or to replace your cabinets.
  • Metal is Cost-Effective: Speaking of costs, metal furniture is certainly pricier than its wooden counterpart. However, metal would definitely be more cost-effective in the long run as it is virtually maintenance-free, long-lasting, and isn’t easily damaged. Moreover, plenty of metal furniture collections come with long-term warranties that will cover normal use for up to ten years or more, which is definitely a plus in our books.
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Author: Lucy Dixon